Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1971 Kotex Napkins Ad

Gotta love feminine napkin ads like this 1971 one from Kotex, in which women on their periods were often depicted footloose and fancy free--and wearing light-colored outfits, no less! In truth, the average woman would be wearing dark clothing, doubled over in cramps and sobbing her eyes out from PMS.

1972 Tampax Tampons Ad

Boy, have times changed. As seen in this 1972 Tampax tampons ad, female workers in the business world were always depicted in secretarial work, as this was usually the only career available to them at the time. Now it's a different story. If this ad were made today, she would be the one behind the desk making phone calls!

1971 IBM Mag Card Selectric Typewriter Ad

A 1971 ad for the IBM Mag Card Selectric, an office typewriter that allowed secretaries to make corrections without having to type everything all over again.

1972 Yashica TL Electro-X Camera Ad

A 1972 ad for the Yashica TL Electro-X camera, which was touted as the "world's first fully electronic SLR system camera."

Monday, May 18, 2015

1972 RCA XL-100 TV Set Ad

An ad for the 1972 RCA XL-100 TV set, which told readers to "kiss their chassis tube problems goodbye." Curiously, the picture of the couple inside the TV set was captioned, "Simulated TV reception." Why? Were there people stupid enough to confuse an obvious photograph for TV reception? Was this caption required by law? Or was that caption thrown in there to keep ambulance chasers at bay?

1948 Listerine Ad

"A Darling goes to her Doom" warns Listerine in this shameless 1948 ad scaring readers with a cautionary tale of what happened when a debutante went to the biggest ball of the year with stinky breath.

1972 Playtex Tampons Ad

A very cool, visually interesting 1972 Playtex Tampons ad promoting the product's "self-adjusting" action. Particularly interesting is how ethnically diverse the women are. Had a similar ad been made just a few years earlier, minorities would have been completely non-existent.

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