Monday, August 17, 2015

1932 Selby Arch Preserver Shoe Ad

Nope, you are not reading things. This 1932 Selby Arch Preserver shoe ad is actually suggesting to women that they should buy its shoes to help prevent signs of aging!

1957 Warner's Ad

A 1957 ad for Warner's strapless bra. As a sidenote: did chefs in the 1950s really go around wearing large, thick beards? For the sake of hygiene, I really hope not!

1962 Kotex Ad

A 1962 Kotex ad reflecting the so-called "Jet Set Age" of the 1960s.

1968 General Electric Toothbrush Ad

Wow! Was this a generous offer or what? In 1968, had you bought a General Electric cordless toothbrush, Crest would've offered you 12 tubes of Crest toothpaste! Not bad.

Friday, August 14, 2015

1932 Johnson's Baby Powder Ad

A pair of cuties are the focus of this 1932 Johnson & Johnson Baby powder ad.

1952 Camel Cigarettes Ad

This 1952 Camel Cigarettes ad is probably one of the most shameless campaigns at the time, completely downplaying the dangers of smoking by claiming that doctors smoked them. No wonder the tobacco industry got a bad rap!

1955 Perma-lift Panties Ad

Back in the day, underwear was apparently so stiff and uncomfortable to move around in that many underwear manufacturers made mobility a major selling point, as you can see in this 1955 Perma-lift Panties ad. Incidentally, this style of ad--in which models were shown in motion--became very popular around this time.

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