Thursday, January 29, 2015

1949 Ivory Soap Ad

An adorable 1949 Ivory Soap ad featuring two cuties.

1979 Anti-Calorie Spray Ad

Is this 1979 ad the biggest load of bull or what? The Anti-Calorie Spray claimed that it was an appetite suppressant that could help people lose as much as 40 pounds in two months. How? With "instant willpower." Just take a spritz or two as soon as you felt like overeating and watch the pounds melt away. Worried about its effectiveness? Don't be, because "science" developed it!

Tsk, tsk. I wonder if overweight women at the time were savvy enough to know about the "placebo effect" or snapped the spray up in droves. Sadly, if they were desperate to lose weight, they may have bought it, anyway.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1941 Lux Detergent Ad

In this hilarious 1941 Lux detergent ad, a housewife is warned by her friend that she might lose the love of her husband if she doesn't do something about her smelly undergarments. She's later seen in the loving arms of her gushing husband, who professes his dying love for her--and all thanks to Lux detergent.

Shameless. Positively shameless!

1946 RCA Victor Victrola Ad

RCA showcases its latest 1940s model, the RCA Victor radio, which sported exclusive features such as "Silent Sapphire" and "Golden Throat."

1941 Ipana Toothpaste Ad

Kids turn the tables on their grumpy dad by lecturing him for a change in this cute 1941 Ipana toothpaste ad.

1972 Dream Wrap Slenderizer Ad

Giving new meaning to the phrase, "Walk like an Egyptian", the Dream Wrap was a ridiculous slenderizer that required 1) wrapping yourself from head to toe with fabric soaked in a "highly secret reducing solution" 2) slipping on a "plastic cover suit" 3) then sweating it out in this crap for a full 90 minutes (or before heatstroke set in, whichever came first). It was all worth it, though, because in the end you would've lost a whopping 12 inches.

For a limited time, Dream Wrap would've also helped you complete the "traction" look with a free "chin and neckline trimmer." Don't know about you, but sign me up!

1971 Sauna Belt Trim Jeans Ad

Do not adjust your monitor. Back in the 1970s, goofy-looking "slenderizers" that claimed to take off inches became all the rage. One of the goofiest was Sauna Belt's Trim Jeans, which as you can see in this 1971 ad, were a pair of inflatable pants. The product was so absurd that Monty Python jumped at the chance to mock it with its Trim Jeans Theatre sketch:

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