Friday, February 13, 2015

1971 Sauna Belt Ad

If the name, "Sauna", in this 1971 ad rings a bell, it should. They were makers of the equally dubious (and infamous) slenderizer, "Trim Jeans."

1972 Beauti-Breast Ad

With the "Hydrotherapy Cup", "The Bustline Increase Guide" and a set of creams, a woman would've seen her bustline go from 35" to 38" in a month and a half using Beauti-Breast. Yeah, right--and I have a bridge I wanna sell ya!

Note the shameless before and after pics, too, where the "befores" had the models in frumpy, high-necked tops and the "afters" in push-up bras. If anyone fell for this, she deserved to be taken for every penny she had!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

1979 Slim-Skins Ad

Why resort to dieting and exercise to lose weight when you could've just slipped on some Slim-Skins and lost over 14 inches in 25 minutes? This outrageous claim isn't the funniest part of this 1979 ad, however. It's the fact that the model in the bikini is clearly sucking in her stomach to look even thinner.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1979 Right Places Ad (NSFW)

Yup, it's another snake oil ad from the 1970s, this time Right Places. Based on the picture below of a metal cannister, you'd think that Right Places was some kind of dietary supplement. However, the ad itself was rather vague about what it was all about, referring to itself as a "breast development program."

1946 Kodak Super-XX/Verichrome Film Ad

A 1946 ad for Kodak's line of Super-XX and Verichrome films. Super-XX was for photos snapped with "photoflood" and Verichrome for "photoflash."

1979 Mark Eden Mark II Ad

A 1979 Mark Eden Mark II ad, promising its readers to grow breasts as much as three inches the first week, due to "IVR" (Infinitely Variable Resistance). Shameless!

1971 Kool Filter Longs Ad

I don't know what's worse about this 1971 Kool ad--the shameless pandering ("Lady, be cool") or the awkwardly posed model in the frumpy dress.

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