Friday, June 26, 2015

1978 Shy Douche Ad

A 1978 Shy Douche ad.

1949 Ultramatic Gas Range Ad

A 1949 Ultramatic Gas Range ad tries to convince housewives that using its stove would be like going on a real vacation. On what planet?

1971 Vespre Deodorant Ad

A 1971 Vespre Deodorant ad.

1949 Admiral Dual-Temp Refrigerator Ad

A housewife "ponders a platter of meat" in this 1949 Admiral Refrigerator ad, which came with a "built in freezing locker."

1971 Demure Ad

Feminine hygiene products back in the day were often all kinds of silly names, as seen in this 1971 Demure ad.

1948 Dan River Sheets Ad

"Buttons", a doll character that appeared in many Dan River ads in the 1940s, appears in this one from 1948.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

1948 Cannon Percale Sheets

Competition may be good for a girl, but judging from the "story" in this 1948 Cannon Percale Sheets ad, it also makes you a raving bitch.

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