Saturday, February 20, 2016

1955 Playtex Living Bra Ad

A 1955 ad for Playtex's Living Bra.

1937 Real Silk Personal Fit Hosiery Ad

By all appearances, this 1937 Real Silk Personal Fit Hosiery looks relatively harmless. It simply shows a beautiful woman examining her panty hose. But then look what it says on top--"Girls whose hosiery fits in bunches seldom have men who buy them lunches."

Yup, it's our lovely admen again shamelessly using fear to sell their product--this time, the fear of scaring off eligible bachelors.

1961 Modess Ad

The V-shaped set that the glamorous woman in this 1961 ad is posed against was meant to represent the fact that Modess produced a line of "Vee-Form" pads that were anatomically shaped. But let's face it--what the V-shape is really alluding to would even make Georgia O'Keefe blush.

1932 Packer's Shampoo Ad

Here we go again with yet another ad shamelessly appealing to people's natural sense of self-consciousness about their appearance. This time, it's a 1932 ad for Packer's Shampoo. In it, two biddies maliciously gossip about their friend, Myrtle, who has greasy, stringy hair for lack of a proper shampoo. Oh, gosh--I wonder what the solution will be to Myrtle's problem!

Hmmm, let me think...

Friday, February 19, 2016

1962 Ivory Soap Ad

Another cute 1962 Ivory Soap ad during its famous "That Ivory Look" campaign.

1932 Anne Spencer Ad

This 1932 Anne Spender ad is a window into the type of undergarments that women had to wear for decades until the 1960s when they started burning their bras in protest. Below the ad was a moneymaking opportunity for women. If they wanted, they could have become a Spencer corsetiere.

1961 Kotex Ad

A 1961 Kotex ad promoting its new line of "slenderline" napkins. Sorry, but remembering the dark ages before the dawn of ultra thin maxi pads, these slenderlines probably had all the bulk and comfort of a mattress.

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