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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

1955 Playtex Magic Controller Ad

Admen were absolutely shameless when it came to selling products, as seen in this 1955 Playtex Magic Controller ad where they tried to convince women that somehow, Playtex was able to come up with a girdle that was "kitten-soft," when the reality is that all girdles were pretty damned uncomfortable to wear no matter who made them.

1954 Kleinert's Underwear Ad

In case you're wondering what in God's name Kleinert's is advertising in this 1954 ad, it was its line of undergarments meant to protect clothing from...er, stains. While "Stay-Rite Shields" were worn under your armpits, "Sani-Scants" had a "protective waterproof panel" that never revealed on "those days." Hmm...

1937 Spirella Foundation Garments Ad

This 1937 Spirella ad couldn't be more full of crap with its wild claims that its undergarments could take 10 years off a woman's hips in 10 minutes, but female customers desperate to lose weight probably hoped beyond hope that it was true.

1955 Le Gant by Warner's Ad

As seen in this Le Gant by Warners 1955 ad touting its slimming properties, girdles were a Godsend in an age when liposuction was decades away.

Monday, June 27, 2016

1954 Skintees Underwear Ad

Names for products in the 1930s, 40s and 50s were always so goofy, as this 1954 Skintees underwear ad can attest to.

1954 Secret Charm Ad

The one thing that leaped out at me from this 1954 Secret Charm ad was its major selling point about how easy it was to wear and maintain its underwear--"No gadget! Nothing to manipulate! Washes and drys in a flash...and does not have to be moulded afterward!"

Seriously, who knew that wearing underwear was such a chore in the 1950s? No wonder women started burning their bras in the '60s!

1946 Neolite Soles Ad

This 1946 Neolite Soles ad of a girl running in the rain alongside a duck may seem weird, but it was a clever way of illustrating how waterproof their soles were.

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